Vesta Rea-Gaubert, Principal

Vesta Rea-Gaubert founded Vesta Rea & Associates in July 1990. Leading the majority of VRA assignments, Vesta brings more than 30 years of communications and outreach experience to a variety of projects in transportation.

Vesta is nationally recognized as a master of communications and a highly effective consensus builder.

Representing her company to pursue projects in a prime position, as well as a sub-consultant participant on teams, she coordinates and implements public engagement programs associated with state and federally funded projects, public meetings/hearings/focus groups and provides the communications support materials necessary for a project's success. She is an expert on diffusing public opposition and educating communities on the economic benefits of infrastructure and sustainability improvements.

Vesta's many years in the transportation industry has allowed her to establish an extensive local, state, and federal network which benefits many of VRA's clients.

As a "business maker" pursuing public agency projects, she understands the balance of political expertise and good market research.

Vesta holds degrees in journalism and business.