Don't Just Take Our Word For It

What Our Clients Say...

“I continue to be pleased and amazed at not only the quality of work but also the technical capabilities of VRA. I have had them work on client databases, invitations, public involvement and other marketing efforts with outstanding results. They always bring new ideas to the way we look at our clients and what messages resonate. If I was to give you two words to take away from VRA in any endeavor they would be successful results!”

C. “Rick” Mobley, ASLA, AICP, Regional Director,Transportation Planning

RS&H – Houston


“Neighborhood noise mitigation at an international airport requires a good communications plan that can be implemented quickly.  VRA has gone above and beyond in this department for our challenging project at IAH and will continue to until the project is complete. Their website development, public notices, promotional pieces and manuals are top-notch!”

Penny Merritt, Project Manager

C&S Companies

Bush-Intercontinental Noise Mitigation Program

“I had the pleasure of working with VRA for two years. The VRA team was heavily involved in the production of the multimillion dollar Terminal D Modernization Program (TDMP) Program Definition Manual (PDM) in 2013, the Mickey Leland International Terminal (MLIT) PDM in 2014 and the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Utilities Master Plan in 2014. The VRA skillset is invaluable specializing in technical writing, editing, proof reading and layout. VRA has always delivered and is an extremely valuable team member.”

Josh Wussick, Project Manager, AECOM

"VRA is the project coordinator for the development of the U.S. Customs Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facility at Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (CXO). VRA assisted in acquiring the federal designation, project funding and made numerous presentations.  They understand what it takes to bring corporate business to an airport through good communications plans that can be easily implemented."

Scott Smith, Airport Director

Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, Montgomery County

"VRA's CEO Vesta Rea-Gaubert has an endless network of marketing contacts within the Houston area. Through those associations Vesta was able to introduce our new Houston Office Director to the key decision makers within the 13 county Houston region, the Port of Houston and the Houston Airport System. VRA developed marketing materials for the Houston office to increase awareness of Raba's capabilities. VRA's energy and direction provided us new opportunities in the marketplace."

Paul Lampe, Executive Vice President

Raba Consultants, Inc., San Antonio, TX

"VRA has supported Cobb Fendley Associates for a number of years in the development of winning presentations and and providing coaching expertise to project managers who appear before transportation committees. Our win rate has improved significantly. VRA is also included in CFA teams to provide public engagement support."

Dale Conger, President

Cobb Fendley Associates, Inc.

"VRA provided support to the Houston Airport Program Management Team (HAPMT) for two years. They developed interesting and informative project reports on dozens of Capital Improvement Programs within HAS and they produced a monthly e-newsletter that enabled travelers to get a behind the scenes look at the construction improving Houston's airports."

Tom Mertens, Program Manager, HAPMT

"The VRA team conducted themselves professionally and on more than one occasion provided some extra Houston-friendly customer service to tired and confused international passengers during our recent FIS Observation Study."

Scott Hyde, Director

Ricondo & Associates, Inc.